We control 28.40 hectares of vineyards, arranged in "strips", "terraces" and "slopes", on a calcareous-clayey soil and always very poor in organic matter.

Located between 350 - 400 meters and with a rainfall regime that hardly exceeds 400 mm / year, unit to the more than 2,000 hours of insolation during the vegetative cycle and to the influence of a regime of winds dominates by the Cierzo and the Garbinada, we are in excellent conditions for the perfect development of the vineyards and the production of a grape of great concentration and quality.

We understand viticulture as the practice of responding vineyard needs at every moment of its vegetative cycle trough observation and interpretation in each of our vineyards.


Coma d'en Bonet  - 14 hes                      La Plana -  4,00 hes                     Serra del Castellnou -  7 hes                     La Cendrosa - 3,00 hes